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ArtPandora is a global community for artists and art lovers. It's a place for artists to share their art, sell it commission-free, tell the world about themselves, get feedback, and make connections with buyers, fans and other artists. It's a place for art lovers to find incredible work from emerging artists from all over the world.

ArtPandora is a democratically disruptive gallery and marketplace. It's purpose is to give independent artists everywhere a global audience and an opportunity to sell their work directly without commissions, galleries or representatives.

Lambent Inc and its members built this platform.

Few Other Questions

When you upload an image to Art Pandora, we store the image file in a secure location. As a result, the high-resolution file can not be stolen.

Also, very important to note all images uploaded to Art Pandora are watermarked even we do not have the original image of your art.So no one will be able to use your art image without falling prey to cyber crime.

It is important to understand it's impossible to stop someone from downloading an image from a website. All someone has to do is press the "print screen" button on his keyboard, for example, and that someone has instantly copied everything on his computer screen - including the image that he wanted to steal.
Yes your data is secure to the maximum extent possible. Any attempt made by miscreants in stealing or misusing your data will be dealt with as per the IP laws of India.
ArtPandora team is completely dedicated in providing you new services to ease your work flow. At the same time we are also on a continuous attempt make our present services more pleasant to you.
Art Pandora is built to be mobile responsive and we are on a continuous attempt to make it more responsive.

Once On Board

Art Pandora has a return policy. That means that buyers can return their orders for a full refund anytime within 14 days after the date of delivery. As a result, we can't pay our members for their sales until that 14 day window expires and we're certain that the orders won't be returned. Payments are sent out on the 15th of each month for all art sale completing the sale cycle before the starting of the month. For example, on November 15th, we send out payments for all orders that were delivered and accepted on or before November 1st. Here's a common point of confusion. Let's say that delivery of a sale you make takes place on October 17th. Many of our members expect to be paid for that sale on November 15th. That is not correct.In this case, since the delivery on October 17th, the buyer has until November 2nd to reject the order and return it. Therefore, we can't issue a payment on November 15th. This sale would be paid out on December 15th. Again - payments are sent out on the 15th of each month for all sales that occurred before the 15th of the previous month. If you've chosen to be paid by check, please allow 5 - 10 business days for your check to arrive. If you've chosen to be paid by direct transfer please ensure the KYC information is the correct information provided. You can check/fill your KYC information here.
The images on the homepage are selected by popular curators associated with Art Pandora . The easiest way to bring an image to our attention is to sell it! Share your art page anywhere everywhere.
Your images need to be saved as JPEG/PNG files using the sRGB or Adobe RGB color space.

We do not support TIF files or GIF files.

We do not support the CMYK or ProPhoto color spaces.

Also - your files must be 4 MB or smaller in size.
No. You do NOT have to be exclusive here. You can sell through any other website that you want to.

But you must update the status of the art on Art Pandora.This is to ensure our customers are not disappointed not just with us but with you as well.
The beauty of the Art Pandora business model is that you can charge as much or as little as you want to. If you want to sell an 8" x 10" painting for 500, that's great. If you want to sell it for 2000, that's great, too.

It's completely up to you.

Keep in mind, there are hundreds of thousands of artists who use Art Pandora. You're participating in one of the world's largest online art marketplace. If your prices are too high,then you might price yourself out of the market. If they're too low, you may be missing out on extra profits.

Most artists just set their prices to be 1500-2000 for the small size, and then they go up from there in 500 - 1000 increments.

Once they start making sales, artists then adjust their prices as they see fit.
ArtPandora takes no commission from artists and charges no commission to buyers. An interested buyer purchases the work directly from the artist.

Selling your art on ArtPandora is completely free. It's free to post your work, to list it for sale, and to sell it through ArtPandora.

After a sale is initiated through ArtPandora, it's up to you to complete the shipping and sale cycle. Make sure that the art is well packed to meet "SHIPPING PROOF" standards. Once you are sure of the delivery by the shipping company update the order status in your orders page to delivered.
Yes.The change provision is limited only to details, not image.(jugaad : if you want to change the image you will have to upload the art as a new piece.Delete the existing art.)