How it works

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Step One

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Artist signs up to

The first step is to sign up to our platform using our easy and quick to use registration form. You can get in your dashboard in under a minute!

Step Two

Artist adds art work.

Using our user interface, you can easily add all your art works .With one easy step, you can set a price , add details and publish them on our global marketplace!

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Step Three

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User purchases art!

User visits browses through the pandora's box ,using the filter options to find the art that suits his choice and buys art.

Step Four

Artist ensures delivery of art to User.

Artist carefully packs the art and ship it to address provided by the buyer.Artist updates the same in order history helping the user track order status.

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Step Five

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Sit back and relax!

That was it! Relax and watch as art reachs millions of art lovers all over the world, washing away the dust of everyday life.

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