Art Pandora Integrates art and people. Top 30% artists contribute to 60% revenue in the Art industry, ArtPandora provides a platform for the remaining 70% artists.The platform is built with an aim to encourage upcoming artists both amateur and professional amateur; to showcase their talent and monetize. On the other hand, first time art buyers and non-regular art buyers do not know to evaluate art hence either stay out of buying art or pay a very high price for it. ArtPandora ensures affordability and provides easy accessibility to art buyers. Simplifying the process of art buying ArtPandora is developing an intelligence system which ensures easy finding of desired art.

Art Pandora is a product of Tudo technologies private ltd, located in Bangalore. Tudo technologies is continuously entering into various emerging markets with their products, also offering end to end services to the evolving start up environment. For more information visit us at or write to
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Arjun, is a serial entrepruner.He has experience of ventures in hotel industry, infotainment and art. At the age of 22 after graduation he first attempted to start up a tech company.Later on ventured into event management space. Co-founded south bangalores biggest cafe in 2010.Much before the startup buzz he started infotainment platform Snooze.Now,Art Pandora!


Captain Karthik Shankar,formerly a pilot with air india gave up flying to become an entrepreuner.He was part of the founding team of the cafe. He has just launched "Kadalu" his second venture as restauranteur on the mangalore highway.Known for his narration skills he helps artist create story for there imagination and stories SELL.


Rashmi, is an artist by passion and interior designer by profession.After finishing engineering with her interests aligned towards creativity working in any tech firm was never her choice. That is when she started taking up art and design more seriously.She guides customers in choosing the right art for their space.